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Quality Excavation and Grading Services in London

At R. Russell Construction, we specialize in providing excavation and grading services in London. Our excavation contractors are proficient in performing various operations by using commercial, heavy-duty construction tools. You can count on our team who can deliver the work in a timely and professional manner.

Excavation and Grading

As professional excavation contractors, we provide exceptional excavation services such as trenching and earthworks for road construction and local general contractors. In addition to excavation services, we offer professional road, parking lot and landscape grading services.


Our professionals can transform a property into a beautiful landscape. We can also provide an assessment of what each job will entail. Apart from excavation services, we also take up land development services. Whether you need grading exclusive for your driveway or a subdivision, we can do it all.

Site Services

When it comes to site servicing, R. Russell Construction has you covered. We have experience in handling jobs ranging from deep sewers and large diameter water main transfers to residential PDCs and tie-ins. Our skilled team ensures to work with you to identify and overcome any challenge.


To opt for our excavation services anywhere across Southwestern Ontario, call us today!

Request a Consultation

Give us a call to talk to us about your project. We are happy to help you.

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